In The Land of Cocktails

The Land of Cocktails is the restaurant which is the brainchild of Ti Martin and Lally Brennan, who are also called as the Cocktail Chicks, the owners and proprietors of Commander’s Palace, which is the top-rated restaurant in New Orleans by the Zagat, for the 17th time, and are also the authors of the best-selling book, In the Land of Cocktails.

In The Land of Cocktails

This restaurant has a dynamic culture of cocktails, wines, and food, which changes the user’s experience or journey, from a stranger to a cocktail lover, and it also plays a vital role in the process of eliminating of bad cocktails. The website is openly accessible by anyone, and people who are interested in fine living and fine dining will like it. In fact, this place is not just a restaurant with cocktails; it is a revolution to retain the cocktail culture and eliminate the bad cocktails. Not only cocktails, not-so good foods, and wines are also eliminated as this restaurant has the best foods, wines and especially the best cocktails ever. Similarly, there are many stories related to the naming of the cocktail, and the most popular one refers to a cock’s (rooster’s) tail as a Colonial drink garnish but, there are no such references in the recipes to such a garnish.

How cocktail got its name?

Cocktails are the drinks which are the combination of an alcoholic beverage with two or more compounds, to be more specific, the other two must be related to sugar and citrus/bitter. When the drink is made with distilled spirit and mixer, it is called a highball; when the drink is a mixture of a distilled spirit and liquor which makes it is called a duo, mixing the duo with mixer which leads to the formation of a drink which is called a trio and additional ingredients like sugar, honey, milk, cream, and various herbs are also added. Mixing drinks is done by the people for centuries or more, in the 17th and 18th centuries, the precursors of cocktail like slings, fizzes, toddies, and juleps which were popular enough to be in history books but, about cocktail, nothing is given, where, who and what went through to make an original cocktail. It is now recognized to be a single drink than a mixture or category of mixed drinks. There are many interesting stories about how a cocktail formed or how a cocktail was made, some of these stories sound believable, and the others sound unbelievably preposterous, but, still, all these stories are interesting.

Types of Cocktails

The invention of the cocktail, or formation of the first cocktail, is a mystery with many stories behind it, some of them are believable stories, and the others are unbelievable but, every story is interesting in its own way, just like the types of cocktails which are also interesting in their own way.

Long drinks

Long drinks are the drinks drunk by people in the warmer months and are considered as summer drinks in different parts of the world. They are colloquially called as large as they are served in large drinking glasses; this drink is the cocktail that helps you get refreshed and all relaxed, consists of lots of ice and is sipped slowly through a straw as the ice melts. Examples of long drinks are Mojito, Gin and tonic, Long Island, Mai Tai, Pina Colada and Tequila Sunrise.

Short drinks

Short drinks are the drinks which made by mixing several drinks in small amounts and are served, in 50ml - 120ml small glasses (or in martini glasses). The alcohol volume in these drinks is pretty high; it is in the range of 17% - 45%, which include Daiquiri, Martini, Caipirinha, Bellini, Black Russian and White Russian.

Shots or Shooters

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Shake Method

In this method, a shaker is taken and two-thirds of it is filled with ice. Then, the other ingredients like syrups, eggs, alcohol, and liquor are added and actively shaken until it is thoroughly mixed. The shake method’s only disadvantage is if attention isn’t paid, the ice may melt and dilute the drink but, the advantages are the drink is chilled in the very process and can be diluted in the preparation itself, if needed. This method is traditionally used to prepare Margarita, Martini, Cosmopolitan, Blue Lagoon and Irish Martini with Baileys.

Stir Method

The stir method is a simple technique where first, ice cubes are put in a glass; then, the other ingredients are added and stirred using circular movements, until it is mixed well. Ice is not added while serving as they are served chill and adding ice might dilute it further. Most common cocktails prepared using this method, are Dry Martini and Manhattan.

Build Method

In this method, we can prepare simple cocktails, layered cocktails, and cocktails with berries, spices or herbs and there is a separate build method based on which cocktail you need.

For simple cocktails, first, the glass is filled with ice and then, the spirits and juices or water, are added. All ingredients are mixed well with a bar spoon or a stick. Bloody Mary, Cola vodka, Cola with whiskey, and Gin and Tonic are the cocktails that can be prepared by this method.

For layered cocktails, we need to know the density or percentage of sugar in the drink, and the alcohol percentage. Then, mix them according and to form uniform layers, some skill is needed. This method is used generally, to make personal favorite shots. B-52 is prepared by this method.

For cocktails with berries, herbs or spices, take a pestle, put the solid ingredients like spices, berries or herbs in the pestle and squeeze it using the pestle choke. Then, put the squeezed ingredients in a glass which is filled with ice, add the remaining ingredients, mix them with a spoon and serve. This method is used to prepare Mojito and Caipirinha.

About The Land of Cocktails

The Land of Cocktails is a place where all cocktail lovers want to go, at least once. Our founders, Ti Martin and Lally Brennan, are the writers of the best-selling book, In the Land of Cocktails. At our restaurant, the staff is waiting to serve people, a new experience with the best food, wines and especially, cocktails. We have a motto to retain the cocktail culture, exhibit to the world that this restaurant’s cocktail is what the cocktail lovers live for, today in New Orleans and tomorrow all around the globe.