Points to remember while optimizing the website

Search engine optimization is the most important feature in ranking a site, but it is a tedious process. SEO technique is the significant process for increasing the traffic of the website and fro brand management. But some marketers are not aware of writing in the search result and might affect the ranking of the site in the search result. There certain common errors made by the marketers in the process of optimizing the website. Keyword is the key point in the optimization process while it is one of the common mistakes made by the marketers. Finding and compiling the correct keyword or phrase is the main aspect of search engine optimization. The main point of SEO is not only finding the right keyword or phrase, but it is a must also be relevant to the product or service. So it is necessary to think from the consumer point of view.

The other important part in the process of optimization is to build a proper content. An irrelevant content might the decrease the ranking of the site, so before posting the content on the website reviewing the content and verifying whether it matches with the keyword or phrase is a must. Relevant content increases the traffic of the website. Google algorithm is very particular about the duplication of the content, so the marketer must identify any duplication in the site and rectify the duplication or else it will also affect the ranking in the search result. Hyperlinks are needed for the website, but at the same time using many numbers of hyperlinks will distract the customers. A web page should not contain more than three to four links and they must be relevant to the search result. The outlook and design of the site are one of the important factors to attract more visitors to the website. An effective and customized web design will interest the users to stay along with the website.


Rectify these mistakes while optimizing the site

Everyone knows the importance of the search engine optimization and that it is the main reason for the ranking of the website in the search engine result page. But still marketers make some mistakes that push their website far beyond the top list. Earlier the unnatural links were built to boost the website to rank the top position in the search engine result page, and the private blogs and link farms were also setup to enhance the website in the result page. And other techniques like the link scheme technique, exact match domain and content spinning were also followed to rank in the search result. But Google’s new algorithm takes care of all the techniques to choose the Best SEO Company in Houston, so it is necessary that the marketers work on the info-graphics to generate proper links, content marketing techniques, link profile and massive value posts.

The new startup business often makes a common mistake of stuffing the keywords. So it is necessary to work towards building target keywords that are relevant to the content. Google uses LSI (Latent Schematic Indexing) technology and it is part of the semantics in Hummingbird which can identify the similarities in the phases. So the marketer must make sure that they are not stuffing the keywords or use the same keywords multiple times. Sometimes the content on the website will not be relevant to the targeted keywords, and the search engine results show the results that are only relevant to the user request. Content duplication or thin content are another factors that will lose the ranking of the website. The search engine algorithm identifies the thin content and it will remove the website from the list, they have the rights even to penalize the site.

The grammatical mistakes and spelling errors can also affect the ranking of the site. So before posting the content on the site, it is necessary to analyze the Best SEO Company in Dallas minor errors made in the content. While writing the content in MS Word, the content writer must enable the grammar check in the Word Press which will help in identifying the errors and replace them.


Free optimization tools that will increase the revenue of the site

Search engine optimization is the major aspect of a blog or website to become popular in the online platform. And there are several SEO tools available in the market that will optimize the website and will also increase the site’s traffic. If a website’s traffic increases, then it will increase the flow of money but means of advertisements. Even though there are several SEO tools available in the market, there are 5 free SEO tools that will assure to increase the traffic rate as well as the revenue.

The Screaming Frog tool is a free crawl tool, which crawls the website to identify any problems with it, and provides a report about the areas that has the problem. The key aspects that the tool looks after being the missing metadata, videos and images that consume more space, broken links, internal links, duplicate pages and files. Using the Screaming frog to crawl the website once every month will help in analyzing and rectifying the problems with the site. While migrating the site from one server to another, the broken links will damage the internal data of the site. So using a Broken Link Checker tool will check for the broken links in the site. This tool is capable of verifying the external and internal URL of the site, and at the end of the process the dead link locations are reported in the HTML code. The Broken Link Checker tool is capable of verifying unlimited number of pages in the website, but in the free edition the web page verification is limited to three thousand pages.

Content duplication affects the ranking of the website in Google search engine, so if another website wishes to post the content they should ask the permission before posting. Hence using CopyScape tool will help in identifying the duplicate content. This tool enables the marketer to provide a URL and check the presence of the particular content. Posting the contents in the social media will increase the number of followers which in turn increases the traffic. OnlyWire is a tool that enables to post the content in fifty social media profiles including the popular social media websites.  Google provides a free SEO tool, the Google Analytics tool. It provides Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics for Mobile App helps to track the usage from the iOs and Android applications.