Famous Cocktail restaurants in New Orleans

Generally, in other places, the cocktail bars have the best cocktails but, as New Orleans is a place known for its cuisines and cocktails, even, famous restaurants serve cocktails over there.

Famous Cocktail restaurants in New Orleans

Arnaud’s Restaurant

Arnaud’s Restaurant is the 100-year legacy holding, a fine-dining restaurant which is serving Creole cuisine and Live Dixieland where people enjoy, Jazz music in Jazz Bistro, the dinner in the Main Dining Room and the cocktails in the award-winning French 75 Bar.


So Bou Restaurant is a multi-award winning restaurant from Zagat, The Daily Meal and the Eater, which has one of the best delicacies, environment and the best cocktails, one can find on planet Earth.


Brennan’s Restaurant is the restaurant which is serving a great experience with food, wines, and cocktails for the last seven decades. Here the traditional New Orleans cocktails modernized by the world-renowned bar chef Lu Brow, are served. People come out of this restaurant with a fulfilling experience.


Kingfish Kitchen and Cocktails is a popular restaurant and a cocktail bar which serves the people, a new Louisiana cuisine, keeping the best of traditional New Orleans cuisine and adding a fun new school twist to it.